MNA's Environmental Education Fund

In a world of video games, cell phones, earbuds, surround sound theaters and mega-movies, providing today's kids the chance to experience nature in a direct, tactile way is one of the greatest challenges. 

Since its founding in 1952, MNA has been working to connect children and nature. Twenty years before the Endangered Species Act, MNA’s founding leaders were traveling to school districts to teach kids about the need to protect rare, threatened and endangered species.

In many ways, their work continues today. MNA’s statewide network of nature sanctuaries offer a broad array of “places of initiation” where students, teachers and families can explore Michigan’s rich natural heritage. 

MNA has launched a program that provides financial assistance to teachers to help cover the cost of transportation and equipment for class field trips to natural areas. Field trip grants are some of the many ways education plays a central role in MNA’s conservation strategies.

To contribute to the Environmental Education Fund, visit the Donations page. The Fund supports the field trip grant program and our work with schools and teachers.

Apply for a Field Trip Grant:

MNA makes $500 grants available for field trips to natural areas. These grants are intended to assist K - 12 teachers (sorry, no Pre-K) in developing fun, educational, and hands-on field trips for teaching students about the natural environment. Funds can be used to cover bus transportation, program and entry fees, and/or educational supplies for field trips to eligible natural areas, including MNA nature sanctuaries, local nature centers, state parks, or other conservation lands. MNA is especially interested in supporting schools with limited access and ability to visit natural areas.

The Field Trip Grant application is now open for the 2023-2024 school year. 

The application deadline for spring semester is Friday, November 10th.

To apply, fill out this Google Form


For questions, contact Abby Pointer at

**Attention Muskegon County applicants!**  
The Michigan Nature Association and its partner, the West Michigan Great Lakes Stewardship Initiative (WMGLSI/Muskegon Area Intermediate School District), are excited to provide dedicated field trip grants for eligible schools in Muskegon County. Please apply normally via the Google Form application, making a note that your school is in Muskegon County, or reach out to for questions about this program.


For more information about the field trip grant program, contact Abby Pointer at or 866-223-2231



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