A Look Back on the Iconic Winners of the MNA Annual Photo Contest

Since 2011, professional and hobbyist photographers have been invited to submit their best images of nature from all around the state of Michigan. Over the years, we've received hundreds of photos of landscapes, flora and fauna, and folks enjoying our state's natural features, all captured by the artistic perspectives of Michiganders.

In celebration of the 14th iteration of the contest, we thought we would share the overall winners of the Annual Photo Contest from the past 13 years. These photos help MNA tell the story of why protecting our natural heritage is critical. 

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East Branch of the Fox River

Ken Jacobsen
2023 Overall Winner









Sharp Tailed Grouse

Greg Bodker
2021 Overall Winner









Pollinators Get the Job Done

Greg Bodker
2020 Overall Winner








Sandhill Cranes

William Rowan
2019 Overall Winner







Cedar Waxwing

Heike DeWolf
2018 Overall Winner










Lower Tahquamenon Falls

Deb Traxinger
2017 Overall Winner











In Flight

Randy Butters
2016 Overall Winner
















Anne Zukowski
2015 Overall Winner








Karner Blue Butterfly

Marilyn Keigley
2014 Overall Winner










Dorcas Copper

Dave Cuthrell
2013 Overall Winner








Stepping Stone Bridge in Forest

M Glosenger
2012 Overall Winner









Memorial Falls

Neil Weaver 
2011 Overall Winner