Create an Endowment

Acquiring new land is only part of what the Michigan Nature Association does. Once a sanctuary has been created, MNA is responsible for the property in perpetuity. Each sanctuary requires attention and care to protect its assets. Some sanctuaries may require construction and maintenance of foot trails, foot bridges, preemptive suppression of invasive species, monitoring and control or elimination of invasive species, habitat enhancement, vehicle or foot access, or signage - all of which are generally managed through MNA’s stewardship program. On occasion, issues involving trespass and encroachment may occur, thereby requiring stringent protective measures.

Endowment funds are established to ensure that funding will always be available for this work. MNA has several existing endowment funds that address many of MNA’s programs; however, specific funds can be created by donors in consultation with MNA.

A minimum of $10,000 is required to create a new endowment fund for an existing sanctuary or program area. Each fund generates annual income equal to 5% of the total assets in the fund, and this income is used to support the support the specific sanctuary or program area. The principal is never used.

If you wish to aid in the creation of an endowment fund for a specific program area, sanctuary, or to name a new fund after a loved one, please contact Executive Director Garret Johnson to explore the possibilities.